Olga Volkova: ios engineeer interaction designer

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. - Albert Einstein

As a software engineer I'm energized by empowering my clients to bring their ideas to life. I have worked with start-ups and small companies providing design and implementation services, guidance in product definition, key functionality identification, prioritization and optimization.

"User Experience (UX)" refers to the iterative design process involving constant collaboration with end-users. Ever since discovering this concept early in my career, UX has become a core element in my professional approach. I am also well known for my accurate time and cost estimation skills, and for on-time and on-budget project delivery.


  • Native iOS application design, engineering and implementation (Objective-C/Swift);
  • Implementation specification development, identifying key scope of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), use cases definition, interaction design, prototyping;
  • Design of supporting REST services and integration with existing systems; development management;
  • Deployment and the App Store management assistance;
  • Working with stakeholders and in-house development teams and consulting agencies locally and internationally.

What others are saying

Olga is a one-woman powerhouse. Without her technical skill, her unwavering attention to user experience/design and her ability to translate big picture ideas into actionable game-plans - 1DegreeBio would never have evolved out of my living room. No matter how stressful it got, no matter what barrier or crisis was before us, Olga would always walk into the room with her unfailing energy, a giant smile and a long list of ideas on ways we could get through it. She always brought out the best in those around her and the entire team thrived under her leadership. I consider myself so fortunate that the stars aligned and our paths crossed. - Alex Hodgson
Start-up Junkie, Founder of 1DegreeBio

Olga and I worked together at 1DegreeBio while creating a web application for scientists. She has a knack for designing simple to use, intuitive interfaces. I was really impressed with her ability to listen, ask 'why' and get to the root of problems. She easily explains very technical concepts - what it is, how it works, and why it is important - to non-techy staff ie. business units. Her use of analogies and metaphors make the discussions hilarious and easy to understand. I've learned a lot from our interactions and would be happy to collaborate with her on future projects. - Anna Kop
Product Manager at 1DegreeBio

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